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Tue, Dec. 27th, 2011, 02:33 pm
emmypenny: Hogwarts Elite, a Sorting Community

hogwarts_elite | Apply Now @ sorting_elite!

If you love Harry Potter and are looking for a fun, interactive community to join, hogwarts_elite is for you. hogwarts_elite is a sorting community, but unlike other sorting communities, you don't get stamped and leave. Once you are sorted, you'll be able to work with your house to compete for the House Cup. There are weekly contests (graphics making, art, fanfic, and others like bingo, trivia, and caption-this-picture), including quidditch matches. There are also discussions (on-topic about the Harry Potter universe and off-topic about whatever you can think of), movie nights, and aim chats. We even have our own Hogsmeade Weekend!

Don't let the "elite" part of the name scare you off! Everyone at hogwarts_elite is really friendly and welcoming. The only thing elite about the comm is the level of respect within the community among its members. Everyone is friendly, and genuinely excited to interact with everyone else. We talk about Harry Potter and other fandoms, swap recipes, and share awesome things we've found online and irl.

The new term starts in January, so apply today!